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  1. theesotericone

    Fordyce Sept 20-22 AKA Sorry San G

    @Tetten and I just decided to go do Fordyce this weekend. The plan is to camp at the trailhead Friday night and start wheeling early Saturday. We've been waiting for the flows to drop and they just did. Currently it's running at 60 CFS. So that's the reason for the late notice. This is the...
  2. theesotericone

    Bishop Memorial Day Weekend 2019

    So I started a thread for another trail that quickly morphed into a Bishop thread. Instead of continuing to use that thread let's have the convo here. So, who's gonna be near or in Bishop over Memorial Day? @AssBurns @Hold My Beer & Watch This @MonkeyProof @4runner DOA
  3. theesotericone

    Niagara Rim Trail as soon as Sonora Pass opens

    There's this little 5 mile trail tucked neatly away in the Stanislaus National Forest. I've been looking at it for a while. From the little research I did the trail is moderate if you take bypasses. It's "difficult" if you take the harder lines. I'm running it as soon as I can. I'm putting...
  4. theesotericone

    Dusy-Ershim 2019 Sept 28 - Oct 6

    OK. Since we all made it out of last years Dusy run in mostly one piece we're doing it again. The we last year was: @Tetten @Mike_taco4x4 @rkntoy @AssBurns And me. We've all talked about doing it again and others on the site have expressed interest. This will be the place to talk about it...
  5. theesotericone

    CV Axle Discussion Thread

    This will be a place to dream the ultimate IFS dream. That dream is bullet proof CV axles. Well, I just talked to RCV Performance today. They already make CV's for 4th and 5th gen runners and 2nd and 3rd Gen Tacos. As most of you that wheel an IFS rig know stock CV's break. A lot. We've...
  6. theesotericone

    The Trail Carnage Thread

    Broke something on the trail. Post it up. Had the epic recovery from hell. Tell the story. Lost your CV on the way to the mall? Let's here about it. There's a wealth of info on how to make your rig stronger, better, faster. Even with that info wheeling an IFS rig will cause shit to break...
  7. theesotericone

    Outboard Rear Shock Ideas

    OK Gents. Here's the deal. My rear lower shock mounts are getting torn apart. I'm over it and am seriously considering outboading them. The idea it to mount them at the center of rear axle. Then kick them forward or backwards with new shock towers mounted to the frame. Let's see some...
  8. theesotericone

    Claw Hammer

    Johnson Valley holds a lot of appeal for off-road types. There's this little thing there every year called King Of The Hammers. Maybe you've heard of it. It's also 5 hours south of me so I never got a chance to wheel there. After running Motino Wash a simple question was asked. How much harder...
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