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  1. AssBurns

    "Grey" Wire Mod | 3rd Gen 4Runner

    Since this thread over at is missing pics and we don't already have a thread I am going to PLAGIARIZE THIS WRITE UP by Matt Starr. I am just adding my own pics since his post doesn't have pics anymore. The text in this thread is all copy and paste for informational use...
  2. AssBurns

    Flying Burrito Runner

    Well I caved... While I've been waiting for the BeerRunner to get the LS swap done, I've been really bumming about missing out on so much wheeling. Considering how long it's taken to just do the motor swap, I realized it'll probably take a hell of a lot longer to finish the suspension and roll...
  3. AssBurns

    Fuel Cell Stuff

    Will be ordering a fuel cell here soon. I had a few question on plumbing n shit. What are you guys doing for fuel pumps? In-tank or external? and why. Are you running baffles of any sort? I've heard of horror stories of foam deteriorating so not gonna use that, but I've hear people run...
  4. AssBurns

    IFS Offroad Koozies

    We are placing an order for some koozies. Both in grey and orange. We'll set up a PayPal link to place an order once we figure out shipping costs. Trying to make it as cheap as possible so everyone can get one and we don't lose our ass lol. I think we can easily make it work for 2 Koozies (1...
  5. AssBurns Whatcha think? Will their new updates kill off the forum or will they still hold strong? Imagine decades of some of the best offroad tech down the drain due to unusable links, and formatting...
  6. AssBurns


    Let's talk stocks and investing. Drop some knowledge!
  7. AssBurns

    Tow Rigs

    Let’s discuss tow rigs, and what to look for in a tow rig. Reason being is I’m looking to pick up a dedicated tow rig in the next year or so. The plan is to sell the tundra, and buy a daily driver car, and buy a tow rig that I drive once a week or so when I need a truck. Not sure on budget as...
  8. AssBurns

    T-Case stuck in 4WD

    My t-case is stuck in 4wd. I’ve tried cycling it between all the options multiple times and it still doesn’t come out of 4wd. Goes into 4lo and 4hi, but never goes into 2wd. It is the multi-mode t-case which I’m guessing is actuator based. I thought it was mechanical shift (like the regular J...
  9. AssBurns

    Replace Carpet With What?

    The carpet in my truck is disgusting. Between kids, mud, leaky sunroof, spilled beer, etc; I need to ditch the carpet. It starts to smells musty after a good rain. What I like about the carpet is it insulates against the exhaust noise, and heat. I thought about doing some of that bed liner...
  10. AssBurns

    Tesla Cybertruck - Offroad Capability?

    By now we have probably all seen the new Tesla Cybertruck that just debuted last week. I'm sure we all have our opinions on the aesthetics of thinks, but what do you think about the practicality and offroad capability of it? Looks like there are a few options that will be available, ranging...
  11. AssBurns

    F/R Locked Podcast

    hey guys, Trevor and I just made a podcast called F/R Locked. Basically we are just talking about Wheeling and bullshitting. Check it out, Subscribe and give us feedback and suggestions on what you want us to talk about. We’ll also have some guests on there if you have any suggestions or you...
  12. AssBurns

    IFSoffroad Humdinger

    Over this past weekend, I talked to a lot of people that were interested in IFSoffroad hosting an event sorta similar to our San G event this past weekend, which was a blast. It was great to meet a bunch of new people, put names to some faces, and hang out with old friends. Now if we were to...
  13. AssBurns

    SoCal IFS Express

    This is a thread for people looking to find someone to pick up or drop off parts n shit somewhere (Whether it be SoCal to SoCal, or SoCal to/from outside regions) in order to save on shipping things that would otherwise be not cost effective. I'll go first. I am looking for someone that could...
  14. AssBurns

    CS144 Alternator Upgrade

    First of all, I am getting all my info from THIS THREAD. I am just bringing this info here since people might want some info on it. The reason for this upgrade is to increase the amps of the alternator while still having a parts store replacement option. Stock was only 80 amps and these are...
  15. AssBurns

    Hammers Oct 25th - 27th

    Who's down for an "IFS attempts the Hammers" clusterfuck the weekend of October 25th to 27th? Get out there Friday night, do a booze cruise up Turkey Claw. Saturday do Chocolate Thunder and attempt Jackhammer if we still have anyone left that is willing and able. Saturday night, we get...
  16. AssBurns

    Knife Talk

    We seem to talk about knives a lot, so let's have a dedicated thread for it instead of having it in random BS threads.
  17. AssBurns

    LED Offroad Lighting Recommendations?

    I need to get some new lights for the front of my truck since the new bumper is much lower profile and my HID's are too big to fit anywhere. I'd really like to get some Baja Designs lights since they are by far the highest quality lighting option. They are just out of my budget at the moment...
  18. AssBurns

    Trail List Index

    @clntg had a good idea about having regional sticky threads that have lists of trails in the region with information about the trails, their difficulty and status updates. We will post links here to all the regional Trail List's. Feel free to start a new Trail List thread in your region if...
  19. AssBurns

    Steering Upgrade Ideas

    Obviously the stock steering racks on pretty much any of our vehicles can't keep up with the abuse we are putting them through. I've seen some guys do the Tundra rack modification, Solo rack, and upcoming Marlin Crawler rack. Not that those are bad options, but they don't help guys that don't...
  20. AssBurns

    IFS/IRS Swapped Jeep CJ7

    I had to share this. This was built by Pat Gremillion, and his grandson reached out to me on IG and shared this build. There is a write up on FourWheelerMag about the build as well. It's a 1976 CJ7 that has been...
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