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    Minivan slowrunner “””build”””

    Just a progression, some camping stuff, snow stuff, and Baja stuff. No stock pics but this was the first setup. Used 6112’s and some dirt king uppers. Honestly for the money it was the best setup. Getting airborne killed the bilsteins tho. Wheelers 1.5” rear springs and fox 2.0 for a super...
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    Stock width aftermarket lower control arms

    These bad boys run like 2k from total chaos. Wtf. Back story...had a Titan. Ran dirt king stock width lcas. The biggest improvement was the delrin bushings over stock rubber. Those were also 1k at the time so wasn’t horrible. Now, we have a 5th gen minivan. Kings all around. It hung with...
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    Aight. I’m buying a “chase” radio. I was referred the icom f5201. $400 gets you the radio, cable, antennae and antennae mount. Also already programmed. Do I just stick with that and pay the premium or try and piece together cheaper stuff? Needs to be 50 watt and 136-174 frequency range. using...
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    2001 5.4 f150

    Anyone gone thru the hassle of building one of these? This coming year I wanna turn my landscaping truck into a toy as I’ll probably sell the landscape company. 4x4 crew cab.., hmdesign has a sweet kit including spindles for 6k. I figure front end will be 10k with coilovers but then need to add...
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