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  1. Chris In Milwaukee

    Beadlocking Wheels

    Hi all, I know some of you are hard-core crawlers and some stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night. Just was watching a video on an upcoming Icon wheel that is kind of a different spin on the beadlocking wheel. Regardless of your opinion of Icon (I know some of you have strong feelings)...
  2. Chris In Milwaukee

    Brand Recognition

    Wearing my IFS hoodie to a local TW event today. This should spark some conversation.
  3. Chris In Milwaukee

    Article: "A City Ordinance Just Banned 4x4 Events in Moab"

    Just read this post on the socials. I dunno, it seems a little alarmist and click-baity to me. It seems as though the underlying story is that Moab passed ordinances to keep OHVs off the highway and such (as opposed to street-legal registered vehicles), presumably for safety reasons. But the...
  4. Chris In Milwaukee

    You guys have some gorgeous country out there in AZ

    I need to get out there one day.
  5. Chris In Milwaukee

    I know some of you must have done Rubicon

    Watching these videos makes it look like loads of fun (albeit stressful). I'm gonna need bigger rubbers. And checkbook.
  6. Chris In Milwaukee

    We got COVID, yes we do... we got COVID, how ‘bout you?

    Wisconsin is one of the country’s hot spots right now. They just virtualized the kid’s school because many of the staff are out sick and they can’t get enough subs. My facility is closed until January at the earliest and I don’t go back until March sometime. On Wisconsin!
  7. Chris In Milwaukee

    Winter is hitting some parts fairly early

    I better hurry up and get shingles on my stupid porch.
  8. Chris In Milwaukee

    Well isn’t this something

    Found on FB in the DiRTBAG MAFIA group hosted by Dirt Lifestyle Nate.
  9. Chris In Milwaukee

    Fall Colors

    Wisconsin is starting to get hot (not just with da rona). Time to get up nort and see some color. The cabin is up in the red stuff. Just starting to see some color down south.
  10. Chris In Milwaukee

    P&P Spotted: Rogue Overland

    Saw one of your rigs on a Rogue Overland episode this week working a feisty trail in Colorado. Cool stuff!
  11. Chris In Milwaukee

    Northern Wisconsin trail ride in Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest

    Took a day trip up north yesterday to meet some guys for a trail ride somewhere in the forest. These guys were a small collection from the Wisco collective in TW (don’t hate). Seven of us altogether, two 5G 4Runners and the rest Tacomas. It was a good trip because the guy who was leading us...
  12. Chris In Milwaukee

    As if I didn’t have enough to do...

    I traveled 4-1/2 hours to my lake place to replace the brake lines on this 200K beeyotch. #anotheronerustyaf
  13. Chris In Milwaukee

    Another one followed me home

    Thank God I only have two kids. And they’re both learning to drive at the same time. This one’s a stick, so nobody is safe. Remain indoors during this training evolution.
  14. Chris In Milwaukee

    This guy is in my driveway now

    Happy birthday to my daughter. Didn’t know that you could get them this cheaply. 148K on it, but runs like a great little (fast) go kart. Of course, as soon as I leave the guy’s driveway the check engine light comes on. It’ll be fun to have a pocket rocket project in the family again. My...
  15. Chris In Milwaukee

    Rivian’s Getting Busy

    I still have my deposit on one. Don’t know if I’ll buy one just yet, but it’s cool to see that they’re thrashing one to see what it’ll do.
  16. Chris In Milwaukee

    Making threads on tubing

    A friend loaned me a die so I can thread the end of a tube to use as an axle. It seems it’s not as easy as it should be. Maybe I ought to hire this one out. :headwall:
  17. Chris In Milwaukee

    How are you spending the weekend?

    Chillin’ at the lake, frying up some Crappie here. And managed to go whack some golf balls in between rain drops. Brought everything with us so we didn’t have to disturb the locals with our presence. When you live in one of the heaviest hit cities in the state, you don’t want to drag contagions...
  18. Chris In Milwaukee

    When work follows you home

    I couldn’t just leave it out in the cold. It was so lonely back at the office in that ghost town.
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