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  1. WileECoyote

    Astrophotography Telescope Setups and Discussions

    Thread Introduction: I thought I would make a thread about astrophotography and telescope setups. I made this thread just in case anyone is interested in starting, already has a setup, ask questions, show pictures, give examples, etc. This thread can also be used for just overall general...
  2. WileECoyote

    Toyota Tacoma Rear Differentials Information and Stock Wheel Information

    Hi all, So I'm making this thread focused more towards the basic off-road beginner type who is looking for quick general information to links, pictures, etc. when they're doing their research on the matter. I believe it coincides with...
  3. WileECoyote

    HIGH-LIFT Hood Strut by Spiker Engineering mod for 1st Gen Tacoma

    Introduction: A few months ago I was tagged to goto a thread with someone needing help in testing out the install of a high-lift gas strut hood kit by Spiker Engineering (web site: ) for a 1st Generation Toyota Tacoma. More specifically, as much as possible, an...
  4. WileECoyote

    What was your FIRST car and/or truck

    I was just thinking about my first car that I got after receiving my license. I wish I still had this car and it was generally in pretty good shape. The engine definitely needed work done and, at the time, I wasn't too interested with working on cars even though, as a kid, I liked working on...
  5. WileECoyote

    Your off road rig in scenic places

    Hey homies, post pictures of your off road rig in scenic places. It can be a Jeep, Ford, Toyota, etc etc etc... even a Prius... HAHAHAHAHA I'll start... ^^^ Ooops, my bad... This was taken at Swansea-Cerro Gordo Trail at the "Salt Tram"
  6. WileECoyote

    Electronic hobbies and discussion

    Hi all, my name is Randy and I'm a dirtaholic. Okay, I'm thinking about utilizing this thread to promote electronics learning for IFS members kids that they can build at home for fun projects and learning. I started putting things together at around age 8 or so and made my first car using an...
  7. WileECoyote

    Radio information guide

    Hey guys/gals, thought I would start a thread on radio information to contribute to the cause. I will try to help someone the best I can. Whatever I don't know, I simply start researching and learning whatever it is that I'm not familiar with. Anyways, the first, second, and third posts will be...
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