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  1. Captain Magma

    1st gen Tacoma (maybe 3gT4R) Ultragauge Trans Temps

    Figured I'd spread the knowledge here, used a great thread from TW by GLR to finally get this, so I cannot and will not take any bit of credit for this, just want to pass some info on. I don't think it will work for all 1st gen tacoma/3gT4R's, but if it was a later model and had factory towing...
  2. Captain Magma

    Wannabe 4x4 PreRunner Build

    PICS COMING SOON, GOTTA DIG THROUGH MY COMP Picked this 2003 V6 TRD PreRunner up back in 2011 with about 82k on it. Previous owner took excellent care of it. Back then, I never had any desire to really leave pavement, so 2wd it was. Looking back, I kick myself wishing I picked up an almost...
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