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  1. Theblackflag

    Extended steering knuckles

    Had my front end torn apart this weekend to swap out diffs and I got to looking at the stock steering arm/knuckle assembly. I remembered seeing what Big Mike from Marlin did on his 3rd gen taco to help the steering rack hold together with the 40s he's running. Basically, it looks like they took...
  2. Theblackflag

    Bumper Ideas

    So some asshat told me it would be a good idea to sell my current bumpers and make new ones to change up the look on my truck. I'd been thinking about doing this but had never been too serious about it. Well, I listed them up for sale and less than two hours later they were sold so here I am...
  3. Theblackflag

    1987 JDM BJ74 Crawler Resto Mod

    First up this is not my truck, I wish it was but Im stuck with my 3rd gen. This is my friend's cruiser he bought a year ago and is doing a full frame off resto-mod on. So the truck itself, it is a 1987 JDM BJ74 Landcruiser that was originally registered in Okinawa Japan. It was imported to the...
  4. Theblackflag

    3 linking a 3rd gen

    So as many of you who follow me on Instagram know, I recently redid my rear suspension setup and converted it to a 3 link. So before I get into the tech portion here's a little background on the project, why I decided to go this route, and what my goals for it were. If you don't like reading...
  5. Theblackflag

    Transgo Shift Kit Writeup (the poor mans IPT valve body)

    Moving this over from for those looking to get rid of the granny shifting transmissions we have. In the original thread I talk a lot about supercharging, I still have not done that and even without the supercharger I am very glad I did this upgrade. It makes everything much more...
  6. Theblackflag

    The Blackflags Build Thread

    Recent Pictures: IMG_0120 by Phoenix Black, on Flickr IMG_9211 by Phoenix Black, on Flickr IMG_9155 by Phoenix Black, on Flickr Current Upgrades/Modifications: Drivetrain /Engine/Performance • K&N air filter (removed) • AFE air filter • Isr mod • Dynomax super turbo 20 inch muffler...
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