first gen

  1. I_Am_SlipperyTaco

    04 Tacoma for sale(Phoenix AZ)

    She’s a rare unicorn..... LOL I bought in 2005 with 16k miles on it, Put a lot of work, money, blood, sweat and tears in this beast! She sits at right under 111k miles and maintenance has been done religiously whenever needed. So many mods i dont even know were to start. here is a few im sure im...
  2. cbechtold

    cbechtold's Long Travel IFS Crawler Tacoma Build

    IMG_7693 by Cory Bechtold, on Flickr Picture from: 08/11/2023 Background: Hi! I'm Cory and this is my 2001 Toyota Tacoma. When I first got the truck back in January of 2014, it was a total cream puff. Dealership maintenance records, everything working in perfect condition, fresh fluids...
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