AR-15 (and AR-10) questions, answers, bullshit

Dec 21, 2018
Nice work! What were the cycling issues?
The bolt would not lock back / strip a round from the magazine after the first round was chambered and fired so I shot that group by putting one round in the mag, shooting, drop the mag and reload, chamber, fire and repeat. I think it was probably short stroking.

I'm going to try a lighter buffer weight (Standard vs H2) and see if that solves it. Haven't had any issues with the H2 in the LaRue but I know you've said before you thought the LaRue's tend to be overgassed. With the 120g American Eagle stuff that failure to feed would happen on every single round. With the 123g Hornady ELD the bolt did lock back a couple of times.....not sure if it is a slightly hotter load or not.
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