AR-15 (and AR-10) questions, answers, bullshit


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Oct 5, 2018
Have s 6.5 CM bolt action and building a .308 AR10
The bolt is long range/precision. The AR10 will be more battle rifle set up DMR type. 1-10 lpvo on it
My original goal was to make an AR-10 that could be viable in F-class shooting. The more I dove into it I would have been paying out the ass for a 24” 308 barrel and I doubted I’d even compete.

Factor in the California bullshit laws I was thinking of using a Kali Key that would make the rifle a bolt action… so the thought of using 6.5 creedmoor came to mind. 24” barrels are easily available and the ballistics are better at distance

yeah I know I’d still pay out the ass for a match grade+ barrel but I might as well enjoy the performance vs shooting (unavailable) cheap 308 and being underwhelmed
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