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Oct 3, 2018
@Dukestaco glad you're getting into Grendel. What'd ya get and what scope you going with?
Well I haven't gotten it yet because something is always out of stock. First it was the upper then the lower now it's the Odin works brake. Found magazines and ammo. It's going to be the PSA 6.5. I seem to keep looking at the 308 because of bulk ammo price and ammo availability.
Since I have been waiting for the the parts to be available I have been spending a little her and a little there:anon:. Also the wife has decided to do a kitchen remodel and I am ordering bumpers and skids from Coastal off road. As a matter of fact I did this today. Screenshot_20200523-173525.png

It was the IPSC memories that made me do it. At least that's what I told my wife.
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