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Oct 15, 2018
Torrance, CA
Built a PRS rig this year. MDT chassis, Rock Creek barrel, Defiance Ruckus action, Athlon Cronus scope, and chambered in 6BR. This round is so easy to load for and the new magazines work awesome! Goal is to shoot a PRS match this year. After shooting a NRL-22 I am hooked.
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I want to start shifting PRS again after a very long time away from it.

Need to make it out to an AZ monthly match.

Captain Magma

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Oct 8, 2018
Little humbling reminder for everyone:

If you’re shooting .300blk and 5.56 together, keep every single round in a container when loading, and quadruple check your shit

I had a .300blk round sneak into a 5.56 mag & gun this morning. I had one on my tailgate that I dropped earlier and was loading a 5.56 mag and talking to my father in law while loading it and picked it up and loaded it none the wiser.

Thankfully, it didn’t chamber when it’s number was called and I just cleared it thinking it was a dead primer or something since the trigger just went click. You can imagine the “Holy fuck you dumbfuck” face when I picked it up and realized what I just avoided.

Just when I think I’ve hit my dumb limit, I lower that bar one more notch

4runner DOA

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Oct 2, 2018
No old Smokers Here?
It's like 20 yrs old^
When Marlboro miles where around

It was either from miles, or a trip to the ranch. I never used my Marlboro miles, but my ex scored a trip to the ranch in like 2007. They gave us a bunch of free shit while we were there. I still have my jacket, watch, and a backpack.
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