Florence Junction/ Table Mesa Wheeling Trip

What date should we reschedule this trip?

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Oct 10, 2018
Tempe, AZ
The issue is all of these trails are rock crawly, it's not like the back way to CK where it's a road with options to try. Although Elvis is turning that way it seems. We need a good flood through there to fix what has been destroyed.

If you want to come along it will be as a passenger mang, sorry. These trials are getting bad and it's 2wd and SxS causing it. This is not an attack on any skill you may have driving your rig.

We all have to be mindful of the lands that we are losing to closures.
Totally get it!
I have no idea what the terrain is like out there. I’m def not looking to hem up the trails and fuck shit up. Im just itching to get out and explore the AZ trails and fellowship! I’m sure there’s going be plenty of runs that are right for me...


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Oct 22, 2018
NW Tucson
Well we are basically a month out. I'm hoping my tires will be here before then and I have a couple of small projects to get done before then. Looking forward to this trip.

Things to get done:
finish hooking up winch
Rework my rear shock mounts
get a functioning Ebrake
finish putting my dash back together

work work work. Nothing major but happy to have the motivation to get this stuff out of the way.


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Oct 4, 2018
Luckily I don’t have a ton of stuff to get done for this trip, but we’ll see what happens on my New Years trip. That always seems to end with broken parts. I’ll “try” to take it easy haha.

Are we still planning to make it out to both locations?
I’d say it a possibility. Depends on how the first day and half goes and what the group wants more of.

I need to figure out what rig I’ll run.


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Oct 1, 2018
Yucaipa, CA
I’d say it a possibility. Depends on how the first day and half goes and what the group wants more of.

I need to figure out what rig I’ll run.
Yeah we have to determine what trails we are running and who can actually make it on those trails. I've had a few guys hit me up on IG about this trip, and told them to just come on here to ask questions since I don't know the trails out there. I'd like to make a rough itinerary of what we'd like to do (Trail, Difficulty, Time, Location, etc)
I'm assuming we'd hit up Florence area first on Friday. I can probably be out there by 1 o'clock. Hit up whatever trails we want that afternoon/evening. Then Saturday hit whatever trails we want Saturday morning then cruise over to Table Mesa? Not sure how much wheeling I can actually squeeze in Sunday, since I have a 5 hour drive home with a truck on a trailer that needs to be unloaded. Might be able to do an early morning run Sunday.

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