Fuck Tacoma World


Son putos los que controlan este sitio
Oct 3, 2018
Orange County
It sounds like they would have eventually made their money back. That guy was a turd though for that entire situation. I remember the first group run I went on with TW up to the Big Bear area that Mahalo set up. I rode along in my brother's truck and I just remember that we kept laughing at, not with, him for just about every little thing and trolling him on the comms.

Perhaps. I talked to him enough to know this scene is something he picked up late in life and it consumed him rather quickly. Maybe just oblivious to how he is perceived.
I’m pretty sure he knows how everyone feels about him . I caught him talking shit about me for something I had nothing to do with . Next time he should turn around and who is standing there before he runs his mouth

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