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Oct 3, 2018
Hopefully this doesn't occur... integrating the different harness so everything still works normally would be the easiest time to fuck up and cause said...
Not wishing it. It’s just adds another degree of difficulty. Double triple check everything over a few days including a full night of sleep before checking it over one last time before turning the key on. My nemesis is lack of sleep because of work schedule. Difficult tasks I do after a good night of sleep.
Dec 1, 2020
Got the GM pwr steer pump mounting worked out, i think... I have my suspicions the OEM Toyota would have worked fine but I do not know enough about said, ie flow rate, and if there r any issues with the PSC system didn't want the finger pointing to start.
Dec 1, 2020
Getting measurements for axles, I was planning to use RCV or Dutchman axles.... thoughts? or is there somewhere else anyone would recommend?
Never ordered fully custom axles before and don't have any exp with said
Dec 1, 2020
So when I put the tunrda 10.5" and ARB locker in my 3rd gen 4runner I realized it was going to b a bitch to remove the side bearing, the side with the locker seal housing, as I couldn't c a way to get a puller onto said. fast forward to moving said locker over to my current project and just using an open diff in the old 3rd gen 4runner. After pulling said I came to the conclusion I needed to cut the bearing off and did so but was very concurred about using a grinder around the machine surface the locker air seal housing rides.... I contacted ARB to see if there was something I was missing because I thought surely they wouldn't make a locker where the only was to remove a bearing is cutting it off...

I was told the normal thing when contacting manufactures about issues, "I have never heard of any issues with the RD146 bearings removal.", and was asked to send photos so I did along with:

Re-gearing my RD146 and replacing the Bearings, the seal housing side bearing does not come off with a traditional clamshell puller or any other pullers I am aware off as there r no grooves to allow access to the lower side of the bearing cage, the shape of the RD146 sets the bearing recessed into the locker case so I can not get a hold of said to remove.... or is there something I am missing, a tool I am unaware of, or just being a dumbass????
included a couple of pics to illustrate

This is the reply I got:

Thanks for reaching out to us with that information.

Looks like the bearing was pushed too far in.

Since you are changing the bearings the only solution we can recommend is cutting off the bearing.

We recommend doing this in sections so it won't damage the flange cap.

As long as you can get at least half of the bearing off the other side will come out easily.

Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns

Thank you,

ARB Tech Department
Website: www.arbusa.com
4810 D ST. NW. Suite103
AUBURN, WA. 98001-2466
(425) 264-1391
(888) 427-2872

To which I replied:

ty 4 the reply but what r u talking about?????????????? its not possible to put the bearing on to far in that location, u need to refer to ur RD146 installation guide, the bearing is the 1st part that goes on, the bearing has to be fully pressed against the Locker or the shims, seal housing can not be placed and it would be impossible to to set preload and backlash.

Ended up just calling them so I could talk with someone that hopefully had some clue and was told as I suspected that cutting is the only way to remove that bearing. Not a very good design IMO one slip and kiss 1k good bye....
Dec 1, 2020
Just thought I'd share. Took apart the tcase I ran behind the TG dual 4:7 tcase set-up, before I pulled the dual cases because of to many issues, to reseal and put in a DD 4runner build/restoration, looks like I stretchered the chain out on the OEM tcase behind the TG case. I have no history on this case as to how many mile it had before I ran said and the unit was on its way to major issues but still ran and shifted when I pulled it.
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