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Nov 15, 2018
Gonna be a wet one this week. I don't think it's stopped once since it started.

It's been steady rain for hours. At least it's not dumping. That's when it really sucks. So far it's a lot more mellow than the news is making it sound. Los Angeles area seems to be getting the worst of it. Sure doesn't look like we are getting much snow this year.
Most of the night last night here in the SD area was a steady rainfall.

Then there was a short break.

Then earlier today there was a steady rainfall and then just DUMPED WATER for maybe 20min straight. It was raining so hard I could see a "small stream" forming the water was coming down so fast. Then not too long after, a tornado warning was issued. Didn't surprise me with how violent the rain was... It was pretty wild.

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Oct 2, 2018

No but I've sat through some of the ranger programs in JT. They're pretty informative. Lot of the park dirt roads are still closed so the usual in park campgrounds are likely to be full. Assuming this is out of furnace creek, so there's not much for camping in dirt near there unless you head south to warm springs, further past warm springs there's a dirt road that heads east.. or west past panamint springs to the road that leads towards Hunter mountain/saline.
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