Your Basic SAS...

Jul 23, 2019
Update from a few weeks ago now...
No real truck updates. Moved it out of the garage about 2 weeks ago so had to add some air to the tires. Been busy working on the yard. Finally finished the front and back for the most part. Back still needs some planter beds for the old lady and the front needs the mail box side finished but I'm done for the summer. Think it came out decent for having no clue what I'm doing. Added a 8x16 shed and finally finished the rv parking to put the gate in the backyard.

Pile has since been moved. Will get a half wine barrel on that corner for flowers and a tree in the curve of the retaining wall.
CC6B6C37-E649-4291-BD3F-D8496BD5084E.jpeg D85D5502-7BCE-4DF3-A385-ED06F8D647BE.jpeg

grass still needs a retainer to keep the rock off the grass.
38959843-79A3-4188-84FF-6AAB2371EBD8.jpeg 11D2589C-9016-4B3F-97CC-D34067CED09A.jpeg 5BEADB6B-DE28-466C-AC9D-86F273A7A150.jpeg
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